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Client: Joyce Brownless
Date: February 2014


Joyce got in touch and asked me if i could design some 50th birthday invitations. Having known Joyce for a number of years i told her i’d be more than happy to design them and instantly got an idea for the invitation.

Anyone who knows Joyce, knows her hair – this would be the basis for the invitation.

I decided to keep the design very clean and very flat and gave the zero on the ’50’ the same hairstyle as Joyce! The clean theme continued on the back with the design being very typography focused.

Joyce absolutely loved the 50th birthday invitations design!

Anyone who was lucky enough to receive one of the invites knew exactly who’s party it was without even looking on the back.

If you are looking for your own 50th birthday invitations then please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote!


Completely custom designed 50th Birthday invitations for a party held in Sunderland. Printed on luxury card with matching envelopes

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