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Client: Gillian & Ashley Powell
Date: June 2014


Gillian & Ashley got in touch and asked me if i could come up with a design for a Christening invitation design for their son’s baptism in October. They had scoured to web for a christening invitation design that they liked in order to give me some idea of what they wanted but couldn’t find anything that caught their eyes. They supplied me with a picture of James and told me i could have free-reign over the design, so i went to work.

I wanted to create something quite different to a normal christening invitation design so on the front i opted for emphasis on the picture of James over anything else. After all, it is his Christening.

I opted for a Typography based design for the back of the invitation, making use of 4 different fonts to give it a different feel.

Gillian & Ashley were very happy with the end product, and i’m sure little James will be in a few years when they’re reminiscing.


Christening Invitation Design

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