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Client: Juice Plus
Date: February 2014


I was contacted by a group of Juice Plus representatives as they needed to freshen up their material. They wanted a stand out Juice Plus flyer design. Something different from previous flyers, but still informative.

They wanted some artwork that could be used as a flyer and a poster. They wanted the flyer to promote their health & fitness plan along with Juice Plus shakes and Jellies.

They left the juice plus flyer design up to me so, given the product in hand i knew it had to be an attention grabber.

The front of the flyer was kept very plain and simple with emphasis on the message that the reps wanted to get across to potential customers. The back contains a lot of information about the benefits of Juice Plus as well as contact details for the rep and details of how to find them on Facebook.

The reps were very happy and reported an increase in sales once the flyers were distributed.


A Beautiful A5 juice plus flyer design

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